Alexandra is a photographer currently based in Paris. She is of Spanish and Argentine descent and grew up in London and until recently was living in Shanghai. Her work is focused on portrait photography where she acts as a story teller of the subjects in her photograph.



Privately commissioned portraits of real people playing out their real lives, with more or less imagination thrown in. Families/ couples/ friends are directed by the photographer to play out a personalised scene for their portrait, based on their personality and lifestyle. The line between real and surreal is merged through the use of digital skills and the viewer is left challenged as to where the real world ends and the story begins.



Chiaroscuro illustrates children in the style of Old Master paintings exploring the relationship between past and present, tradition and modernity. Portraits are shot at the photographer’s studio in Paris with a Medium Format Hasselblad camera and complex lighting set up, recreating the ambiance and characteristic light of the Old Masters.



“Be yourself…. everyone else is already taken”. Inspired by this Oscar Wilde quote the photographer asked a group of friends to think about who they were and what made them unique, in preparation for a photo shoot two weeks later. The subjects were left to their own devices and encouraged to find their own universe for the picture, making each portrait unique. These photos can be commissioned as the rest.